lock question - brass vs brushed gold???

  1. I picked up my damier speedy 30 yesterday. When I got home and compared the box of my lock with my other boxes I noticed that the side said "Brushed gold" rather than brass like the other boxes of my gold toned locks. Is this just new terminology or in fact did I get a different lock than the brass ones that I have for my other pieces? Thanks for your help.
  2. have you compared the new lock with the lock from your older items ?
  3. Not sure....I bought one for my vintage speedy 25 a couple of nights ago and mine is brass. Maybe they have two kinds.....
  4. I think this is another subtle change that LV is making to cut costs and will integrate across lines. I recently received my new purse in a cheaper LV box and dustbag than the usual, and I noticed that the purses are lighter in weight too (though that isn't necessarily bad).
  5. Hmm...that's interesting. I'll have to compare locks!!
  6. thats a bit unsetting to hear...cheaper box, lock, bag..but same price. So does this mean a lower quality bag for us and we're still paying the same price?
  7. I haven't noticed any 'quality' changes like stitching etc., but the cheaper boxes, dustbags and then going from a brass lock to fake brushed gold, certainly improves their cost of goods (and therefore profit). Afterall, they can only have so many price hikes; they can't price theselves right out of the market. Has anyone else noticed these kind of changes?
  8. i have noticed the canvas is lighter and thinner when i compared my new mono speedy 30 to my old 25.
  9. Seems like they use the darker locks on standard stuff (Speedy, Alma, etc) but the newer, shinier locks on higher-end items. I noticed this especially when I bought my Speedy 40 (dark lock) vs. the Mirage and Patchwork Denim Speedies.....anyone else ??
  10. hmmm...just got a damier speedy too, but the SA took the box and just gave me the lock and the keys. they look like a light gold. certainly not brass i would think.
  11. I just notice that every single Monogram Canvas piece I own looks different. The only bag that actually has "beautiful" and noticeable canvas is my Abbesses. I kind of hate the quality change there... :sad: My Neverfull GM is very dull. Usually you can see a real LV from miles away, you can't even see the bag upclose LMFAO.
  12. Hmm...I haven't seen the "polished gold" before. I have seen "polished brass" and then the brushed version. Can you post a picture of the lock and box you received?
  13. I would like to see a pic of this too. It may change my mind about buying a new Damier speedy myself. Seems like a ripoff to replace the brass.
  14. I went home and had time to compare the new brushed gold with the one I got with my mirage and the other ones marked polished brass.
    My previous "gold toned locks" with various number say "polished brass" on the end of the box. On the lock itself there are really no brush marks. Tone of color is darker.
    The one I got yesterday said "brushed gold". There are definite brushed marks on the lock - it is not polished. Tone is a brighter, lighter yellow. It does appear to match the damier hardware - but there is not really that much on the piece to compare.
    I didn't have time to pull out my other bags and see if the hardware matched either one of the locks better.
    Does anyone know if there is a LV piece that that is advertised as having brushed hardware - maybe the lock was meant to go with that item.
    As an aside...
    The mirage lock came in an unmarked box - no description or number. Lock was brilliant gold color, shiney, no brushing. I expect a piece like this to be different.

    I did call the 1-800 number and the rep said she had no info on lock changes. She did say I could return to the shop and exchange the lock. i wanted to call again and try to get another rep - but was afraid I'd get the same one.
    I would call the SA who usually helps me - but I don't want to sound like the lock bothers me - this is mainly a curiousity issue.
  15. ^
    I would mail Vuitton. :tup: