Lock on the Paddy - Please Help

Jan 25, 2006
Please excuse my ignorance, but I have never taken an up close look at the paddy.

I am in love with the whiskey color and I love the overall aesthetics of this bag. My only reservation is the lock. Do you have to unlock the lock every time you want to open the bag? Or does the lock just flap backwards over the top of the bag, whereby you can easily get in and out of the bag? I'm on the go all the time and I'm constantly in and out of my bag, so I don't think I would be able to deal with having to unlock every time I needed my metrocard or wallet or some other contents of my purse. But if I can just fold a leather flap backwards, then I would go for the paddy.

Also, what is the retail price on the bag? Is it impossible to find the paddy in whiskey at the moment?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
YOu can just lock the bag on the metal loop and let it dangle... it will act kind of like a gravity closure. or you can put the lock on some other part of the bag if you choose
Thank you, Luna. I was looking at all of the pictures of the bag that I could find, trying to dissect them from every angle. And it was driving me nuts. One minute I was convinced that the lock would just flip backwards, and the next minute I was sure that you had to actually use the key to unlock the lock every time you wanted to open the bag. Thank you for clearing that up for me. I'm so glad to hear that the bag is easy to get in and out of because now it means I would be able to carry the bag hassle-free.

Can someone kindly tell me what the retail price on the bag is? And has anyone seen the whiskey paddy available for retail sale anywhere? Is eBay my only option? Thanks.
As everyone helpfully pointed out above, you can just flip the lock back and it really isn't a big issue. As far as finding one, I'd call Neiman's and/or Nordstrom's and ask them to do a search of all their stores for you - they haven't been sold out for that long and I'm sure they still might get some returns, etc. It sold for $1480 in the stores - $1500 online, no idea why.
kiptrip said:
There was a Whiskey up on the LVR site.. under the Paddington New Colours link.

Thanks. I've been trying to order for the past 30 minutes or so. I think it might be sold out. It lets me put it in my cart, but when I place it in there is says something like "not enough quantity available for item". It still shows up in the cart though. I went through the whole ordering process, but it was "rejected" at the end. There would be no reason for my card to be rejected, so I think it might be spitting my order out due to "not enough quantity". I'm going to try calling them tomorrow. It figures; as soon as I decide I want the bag, I'm not going to be able to find it anywhere. Bah.