Lock on the MM Alma

  1. I bought my first LV in Paris this past April. I bought a MM Alma but haven't carried her yet. It's rainy season in FL and I'm scared to get her wet! Can anyone tell me where people usually keep the lock that comes with the purse? Do most people remove them or keep them on the zipper pull? Thanks!
  2. Keep it on the zipper, but just as an accessory not to actually lock it.
  3. I would keep it around the zipper.
  4. my friends usually take off the lock since they don't want the lock keep rubbing to the hardware and the bag..
  5. I have all the locks from my bags in the closet. I dont like the extra weight and I don't want them rubbing on the leather. But you should do what ever makes you happy and just enjoy your bag.
  6. ah. i am in boca raton. i understand rainy season here, lemme tell ya! i just carry certain lvs anyway. i still want ot enjoy them! carry a plastic bag in the bottom of your purse for when it rains!
  7. My ellipse has a lock too, but I don't keep it on the zipper b/c the hardware will chip.
  8. On the zipper.
  9. Thanks everyone! I think I will just store it in the closet. It would probably drive me crazy on the zipper flipping and flopping around. That's a great idea about keeping a plastic bag in the bottom of the purse in case of one of our torrential downpours!