Lock on Birkin

  1. Those of you with Birkins... What do you do with your lock and key? Do you hang it from the front handle? Or do you attach the lock to the knob that turns in the front center (don't know the official name of this piece on the Birkin:confused1: )?

    What are some variations on wearing the lock and key?:idea: :idea: :idea:
  2. I just leave mine at home with the keys and clochette. I don't want to wear the leather on the clochette out and its a less fussy look that way for me which I like.
  3. When I first got mine, I hung the clochette, tirette, keys and cadena on one of the front handles and never removed them. So when I carry it, it always looks like this:


    Knowing me, if I put the clochette and lock away somewhere, I'd lose them! At least this way I always know where they are. ;)
  4. That is so smart. What about hanging the lock from the turn knob (what on earth is this part of the birkin called??) in the top center of the birkin? Does anyone do that?
  5. ^^ Yes, Eire. If you look into the Members' Reference Items thread, you can see the various ways in which the members arrange their locks etc.
  6. A related caution...I did this with my first birkin and it made an indentation on the leather over time...

    I now leave the lock in the box... Hmmm...I still have the clochette, tirette, and keys dangling from the handle (like Gina, no lock)...I wonder if I should take that off since I am not using the lock...
  7. I have mine hanging like Gina's but hope to buy a cadena (hippo or some other) to replace the lock with. Just a way to accessorize my bag:smile:

    SoCal, thanks for the warning! It didn't even occur to me that could happen. Which leather is yours? Just wondering maybe the type of leather could influence it. But I guess I shouldn't try with mine coz it's clemence and softish.
  8. Birkin I was clemence. Birkin II is evergrain...while it is a bit more structured than clemence/togo, I don't want to test it again. I should note that the indentation was not a result of a few wears...I had the lock hanging from the turn for a period of time (straps open, not on the turn under the lock)
  9. SoCal- I took the clochette, tirette, keys and cadenas off my Kelly, put them in Hermes bags for safekeeping (as I recall), and for the life of me can't remember where I put them. I can't imagine why they aren't with my purses in the closet but I can't locate them at the moment. They may be on a high shelf in the closet but with my arm in a sling I'm not about to climb up on a step-ladder. I have my shoulder strap but the rest is temporarily MIA and it concerns me. Several months ago DH and I were going to sell our house (we've since decided to stay put) and I moved everything around to "hide" my H stuff but I must have done too good a job. :shame:
  10. Thanks, SoCal. Yeah, that's how I'm wearing my Birkin these days, with the straps off the turnlock. But I don't hang the lock on the thing. I was thinking of getting the Hippo or Sailboat and maybe putting it there (as another way to play around with accessories) but now I'll just stick with swapping the lock on the tirette to the hippo/sailboat and dangle it from my bag handle like Gina.
  11. Oooh, I hate it when that happens. Note to self...put the clochette, etc. in the big orange box if/when you remove!
  12. Ditto the way Gina does her clochette, tirette etc. I alway have a hippo/sailboat or lion cadena on instead of the traditional lock for a bit of fun.

    Ginab -- Love ur bag.
  13. Exactly the way I have mine -- and the same reason: it was the way it came out of the box, and I'm too afraid that I will lose them if I do otherwise!!

    (PS -- Gina - the bag in your picture is the bag I have on order!!)
  14. SoCal- Your posting inspired me to go on the hunt for other places my Kelly lock and clochette might have been and miracle of miracles I found them, safely tucked away in a different closet. Whew. They now go on my Kelly and stay on my Kelly!
  15. Thanks, Sus! :heart:

    Funnyredhed, I think you and I have startlingly similar (and, naturally, exquisite!) taste!! ;)