Lock Numbers: Is there a system?

  1. I've checked the lock/key threads and can't find an answer so hoping someone out there can explain it to me. What do lock numbers correspond with?
    Bag model? Place of manufacture? Years of manufacture of a model? I've noticed some numbers seem to reappear in mid/late 90s epi bags but I don't own enough to generalise. I know most people don't care about the locks, don't always keep them on the bags, and one can put any LV numbered lock on any bag and nobody would really care but I figure LV probably has a system, nothing is by chance. What do you think? Any insights?
  2. I don't have an exact answer, however I am thinking they prob have #s system so they can find a key to any lock (in case you've lost yours). I've heard you can come to a store anytime an SA will open your lock for you as they always have all keys handy...that could be a myth BUT would explain why so many lock #s are repeating. I alone have 2 pairs of identical locks 313, 311. Last time I bought a speedy monogramouflage in 2008 they gave me an extra lock which I believe was one of the doubles I own. However it has tarnished pretty quickly without any use at all! But when I look at my older locks from 2003, like the one on a CB papillon for example - it still looks brand spanking new!!! So maybe the quality of locks went down with time while # still stayed the same
  3. Thx bklynG - I know what you're saying and agree about time & tarnish, and availability at LV boutiques for new or replacement locks. I have a 96 blue epi alma w/out lock and wanted to get one that was compatible with that year and model. I have locks for my 96 green and red epi almas, and they each have different numbers. I don't wear my locks on my almas cos they do tarnish the leather, plus they're heavy. I just like my locks, and wanted to have a set for each bag. Obviously, I don't have a critical LV problem, was just curious about how LV allocates lock numbers to various models, or years, or whatever it is that they're thinking! Thanks anyways.
  4. my palladium lock on the revelation and the black palladium from the impression dont seem to tarnish- just the standard goldish ones... weird

    i wonder if you can switch locks or request to have the same # so you dont have to a a bunch of random keys everywhere