Lock-it Horizontal??

  1. What are you're thoughts on this one? I want something big and classic. I tried it on in the store and liked it, but then had second thoughts on it for the lack of all the bells and whistles like some of the more newer contemporary ones. I like the Manhattan but for the time being, it's a little more than I wanted to spend. Any other suggestions? :wlae:

    Btw, this is my first LV. My boyfriend bought me the Primal Tikal but I decided it's too small for my liking. Looking fwd. to sharing the Louis experience!!
  2. The Lockit Horizontal is great!

    Other bags I suggest:
    Manhattan GM
    MC Aurelia MM
    Cabas Mezzo
  3. I love the Manhattan so much...it's gorgeous and roomy (for me).
    Yeah, the Lockit H. is really big and absolutely classic forever.
    But IMO, Lockit H. is easy to carry on your shoulder and make your hands free for other things.
    The Lockit H. is worth to buy!!! Go for it, if you love it.
  4. I've had my Lockit H for a few months now and absolutely love it! Go for it.
  5. i love the Horizontal Lock-it. Its very pretty i want one too
  6. I love the horizontal lockit! It is on my list too.
  7. I had planned this week to finally purchase the LHi I love it. I hope to make to LV by the end of the week-you should get it, I think it makes an impressive statement.
  8. Thank you for all your responses! I went out the very next night and picked it up. The sales ladies at LV kept trying to convince me to get the Babylon but I stood my ground and opted for what I set out for, which was my Lock It Horizontal. It has much more room and a sharper look to it. I couldn't be happier!! :love:
  9. congrats and you will love this bag. i love mine and i've had mine for almost a month. it's a really nice looking bag and very functional.
  10. Oooh, congrats! This won't be your last LV, trust me. ;)
  11. Congratulations on your LH!!
  12. How are all of you taking care of your bag? Are you at all worried about the Vachetta? (bottom leather part) I got mine today and already am worried it will get stained. My Noe got stained pretty quickly.

    The LV store said not to put ANYTHING on it like leather protectors, etc.

    How are those of you who've had yours a few months already fairing with yours?
  13. i really like the lockit... if i were to get one, i'd probably get the smallest version since the LH just seems too big for me. the vachetta bottom turns me off, though... seems like too much maintenance for me, and i'd always be afraid of getting it dirty.
  14. hey, in case you didn't notice, in another thread it was mentioned that the BH went DOWN in price! what joy!

    that is a great classic bag with great looks!

    otherwise? manhattan! the lock it is too plain for me,
  15. I have the LH and I sprayed the vachetta with a leather protector. It didn't change the color at all. I live in Hawaii, so my vachetta already has a light patina (maybe from the sun/heat?) I've had it for just over a month, but I use it all the time. I absolutely love it. It so roomy, classic and .... did I say that I just love it? :yes: I haven't had any problems keeping the vachetta clean. I don't put it down on the ground when I'm out and I'm pretty careful, but it doesn't drive me crazy.