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  1. I've been noticing these H lock/charms lately.....can you guys fill me in on the history of these charms? I'm kinda liking the heart one and I really liked Coco-nut's elephant.

  2. I think every year Hermès has a theme and the locks/charms reflect it. I have the hippo lock from last year which was the year of the river. This year is a gondole/ship celebrating year of Paris! Too bad the French lost the World Cup this year!
  3. I have a picture of all the locks from the previous years and their themes...I'll try a scan and post it soon, D!!

    They're so cute!!
  4. Oh thank you Kristie! That would be so helpful.....:flowers:
  5. Here they are:
  6. Tell me if the pic isn't clear enough - I'm new at this scanning thing!!!!!
  7. Kristie it's PERFECT! Thanks so much! My favs are the Shooting Star, the Heart and the Harp - I wonder how much these babies sell for...anyone know?
  8. There's alway a few floating around on eBay from previous years!
  9. You may still be able to find the heart in stores, I think I saw a palladium in Atlanta. In store they have ranged from just under $200 to over $300 for the ship charm this year. I currently have the gold heart, the gold hippo (the year of my youngest's birth), the gold hand, ( the year of my eldest's birth), and the pelicans in palladium and gold. I love them!!
  10. I have two Pegasus and a Heart one. I REALLY wanna get my hands on the Shooting Star lock though.
  11. What a fab idea! So I need year of the Mediterranean (my favourite Hermes theme!) and this year - a HIPPO!!!!! Groovy!!
  12. Thanks for posting pics, Kristie! I really have to get the hippo! Do you guys think the silver one would look bad with ruthenium hardware? It looks like they only come in silver or yellow gold.:sad:
  13. ^ I think it would look fine with the ruth, Kat!!!! The Hippo is so cute!!!!
  14. I like the elephant out of all of them so far...but I hope one I love is yet to come
  15. Uh, Kristie, this year's charm is a ship with movable sail.
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