Lock and key

  1. I purchased an Ellipse MM from Neiman Marcus in Tysons a couple of weeks ago. When it was delivered the lock looked very old and was discolored or oxidized. Yesterday, I went to the store and showed them the lock. I was told that I could buy a new one and I nearly threw a fit. It was obvious that my bag was brand new. There was no way the lock would have turned that yucky color so quickly. The sales associate disappeared for a moment and returned with a brand new lock and set of keys. And a smile.
  2. I am appalled that they even suggested you BUY another one.....
    I'm glad you spoke up and got the lock you DESERVED!!!!!!
  3. Glad you spoke up!!! I'd never buy a new one....it should've had a new one!!!!
  4. I am glad that it worked out for you! They should have replaced the lock for you!
  5. I'm glad it worked out! I think it just depends on where you go...I went to the LV store in Saks in Bevery Hills WITHOUT my speedy and told them that I lost the keys (which I honestly did) and they gave me a new lock and keys, no questions asked...
  6. Good for you...I have been buying from the Vuitton boutique and Neimans in Tysons for years..and I have never received anything like that...You should not have had to "throw a fit"...I may reconsider buying from them in the future....
  7. I bought the bag on impulse over the phone. I needed that Ellipse MM before it went away. I know the sales girl was doing as she was told. It was the first LV handbag that I purchased at NM (I got a wallet a few months back with NM In-Circle reward card.) Like I said, they had the bag so I ordered it sight unseen. After the lock debacle, we also purchased a MC strap for the bag and a new black tie for DH's tux. I did okay and so did she.
    I live in Baltimore and went down to Tysons yesterday for the shoe event.
  8. I didn't know the Ellipse was being discontinued...do you know when? I may consider getting one for my daughter, since she doesn't want her mothers old bags...and I have all three sizes of the ellipse...and I hear what you are saying...If you feel it was truly a one time occurrance...I may reconsider...however...I have truly been disappointed in the Vuitton SA within the last two to three years...Most of my favorite SAs have left the corporation and I only have a few remaining..FYI...should you travel to Tysons again soon....the 2007/2008 catalog is out... I picked up my copy yesterday....Enjoy your new bag...
  9. OH yay i am so glad you got one.
  10. Hi Lisa -- were you at Tysons yesterday? I was there Friday. I didn't ask for a catalog; never thought about it. The Ellipse MM (the larger of the two sizes) has been discontinued. I read a few weeks ago there were a dozen left in the US. Yesterday the SA didn't know that they had discontinued the bag. She checked and confirmed that there are (were) only four left in US. I dealt with Susie on the phone when I purchased the bag, but she wasn't there Friday. I bought my first LV (Viva Cite GM) in St. Bart's; second (red Epi Alma) in Atlantic City in april, and the Ellipse a couple of weeks ago. I guess I'm not really so into the bags that I am loyal to one place. I would rather deal with Neiman Marcus because of I earn points with their credit card. I wish Nordstrom would get a LV boutique because I save my Nordstrom points for my Chanel bags.
    Since we live in Baltimore, we go to Tysons frequently. I will be at NM next week for a Guerlain facial event.:smile:
  11. Judy...thanks for the information...just the Ellipse MM? my daughter is petite so the small would be better...yes I was in Tysons yesterday...I went to Hermes in search of finding my daughter her first Hermes bag and found nothing!!!then I had to make all the shopping rounds...so off I went to Vuitton..and thank heavens I still have a few contacts left...I scooped up a catalog...reminded the SAs to call when the damier neverfull gm comes in and then off to Neimans...I stopped in the Chanel boutique(in NM)..found nothing!!!spoke to a couple of my favorite sales people who work the designer handbag counter...and then off to Saks... again just had to speak with my favorite SAs there...then I picked up a new Dior logo pink wallet for my daughter..then I scooted in to the Chanel boutique and picked up a small cosmetic case for my daughter and that rounds out my day...so nothing...nothing...for me...and actually I should have gone to Best buys or Circuit City to pickup a new camera..since my daughter lifted mine when she left for school...maybe after I complete my great bag hunt...I will have enough money to buy a new one...Enjoy your week and congrats on the new bag...Lisa
  12. Judy...next week I will be doing the college mom thing...I will be in Jersey visiting my daughter for friends and family weekend...let me know if you head this way...the following weekend..Lisa
  13. Ah -- family weekends. I remember it well. Our son went to Sarah Lawrence in Bronxville, NY. Fortunately for me he is not a clotheshorse, wears only second hand clothing which he finds, who-knows-where. He graduated two years ago and is on the west coast in Washington.
    I think the MM is really a big bag for a tiny girl. I'm tall and all of my bags are pretty big. I really got the Ellipse because it was going away. The smaller size, which hasn't been discontinued, would probably be a better choice for her. You are a great mom to buy your daughter such lovely bags.
    Do you live near Tysons? We are in Baltimore.
  14. Not far...I live in Fort Washington...so it takes me about 30 to 45 minutes to get to Tysons...and congrats regarding your son...my daughter is a third year biochemistry student at Seton Hall...and we think she a great kid...that is why she gets all these fabulous things...now changing gears...Have you visit the Saks Warehouse out in Hickory Hill? I haven't been yet..but from my understanding we could get alot of fabulous pieces from there and it is approx 20 minutes or so from Baltimore...If I can stay put in the state of Maryland for at least one weekend I have plans to check it out..
  15. Oh..Judy....there is no Vuitton at the Saks Warehouse...However,from speaking the store operator when I called to get directions to the store it was stated that they stocked several designers such as Chloe, Chanel, Fendi and Prada.