L'Occitane Friends & Family 25% off Fri-Sun ONLY

  1. Thanks! I just got addicted to their products on my recent trip to LA.
  2. Thanks for sharing this information. I am about to buy some hand cream.
  3. Thanks for posting!

    I just bought too much stuff! haha
  4. Thank you! This is wonderful! :yahoo:
  5. thanks for posting, I love their products
  6. thanks I'm glad I checked this out would've missed it otherwise
  7. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! I was looking for a Victoria Secret code and found this. I just got a boatload of stuff for 25% with this code. Like I just told DH, this stuff NEVER goes on sale, so this is quite a deal. :nuts:

    THANKS ibis42!!! You rock! :rochard:
  8. This is great! I became addicted about 4 years ago and between their stuff and Crabtree & Evelyn, I can't go wrong! Thanks!
  9. ^^^I used the shea butter hand cream for a while and went into the store to pick up some more. They gave me a sample of the Immortelle Eye Balm and that was all she wrote. I was totally hooked. Now I use the Immortelle skin care line and the Shea Butter skin care line. It's such good stuff!! It's taken care of all my dry patchy areas and even reduced some of the fine lines around my eyes and mouth. LOVES! :love:
  10. The now-discontinued Savannah Gardens fragrance got me hooked on C&E and I love L'Occitane for their soaps and shea butters.
  11. WOW thanks. I use the Shea Moisturizing mask at night time its so much better than the LaMer I was wasting $$ on. Plus the new Apple stuff is great!!!
  12. I love their stuff. In fact the wedding favors are from there.

    Thanks for the F&F code, I just got my dad the $7 bag to put in the guest baskets.

  13. T4P:tup: