L'Occitane F&F Nov. 15-18!

  1. Sweet! Thanks for the posting.
  2. Woooohoooo! I LOVE their products. Thanks so much for posting!
  3. THANKS so much!!! I have a whole boatload of Christmas presents that'll be knocked out with this promo :tup:
  4. Thanks!I love their products!!
  5. Thanks so much.. Was jsut about to get their stuff from Sephora with the 20% off but this is 25%. Luv ya!!!!:heart:
  6. 25% off is wonderful! Thank you so much for posting!:tender:
  7. Thanks for posting...I love their handcream
  8. I love L'occitane products but had a horrible experience on their website. My items took over a month to come because a gwp item was out of stock (I told them just to send it separately but they didn't). By the time it came I felt like at least one of the items were not brand new! I'll never buy online again - only sephora or actual L'occitane store.
  9. Thank you for posting!!!:yahoo::yahoo:
  10. I just ordered some nice goodies! Thanks for the posting.
  11. Thanks for posting! I was debating whether or not to get it from Sephora.
  12. ^ yes you do :smile: That's all that I did the last time.
  13. thanks for sharing!