L'Occitane en Provence Products are my fave!

  1. You probably heard of all the raves and boasts about L'Occitane en Provence's Almond Milk Concentrate and their infamous Shea Butter Hand Cream.. if not, I highly recommend these items too!!

    But today I wanted to talk about their shampoo.. and mind you I have pretty lengthy and somewhat of colored, straightened, and damaged hair.. and I have used alot of great shampoos out there (like the Moroccan Oil, CHI, Kiehl's, and other products sold at your salons) but the only thing is I really really hate the feeling of oily hair.. and I feel after the wash and blow dry.. most of these products leave your hair feeling blah.. although I love the smell of the Moroccan Oil products..

    And so last month when I stopped by the L'Occitane en Provence store to pick up more of the shea butter hand creams.. I couldn't help but notice their mini collection of shampoos, conditioners and treatments.. and I thought to myself.. well this is interesting.. but after much discussion with the SA and debate I decided to purchase one bottle of the shampoo.. just to give it a try.. why not? and well.. the rest is pretty much history.. so ladies and gents, I would like to introduce you to.. L'Occitane en Provence hair products! well specifically.. the Aromachologie Repairing Shampoo!! TA~DA~

    Not to sound too scientific or go all dermato on you.. but this shampoo has 5 essential oils; angelica, lavender, geranium, ylang-ylang and patchouli.. now, while I have no idea what those do, let alone what they are, (lol) all I know is after I blow dry my hair, it really leaves my hair feeling soft and silky without the oiliness or flatness. I sounded just a tad commercially there too. lol - oh! and it smells devine!

    Now, just remember this is a repairing shampoo, so I definitely don't recommend it as a daily use; I use this once every other week and use my regular shampoo (the herbal essence's long term relationship shampoo, which is a great product as well!)

    And I do believe that you should switch shampoos every now and then.. because your hair/scalp gets used to it.. it's a very peculiar science if you think about it. But that's besides the point! lol

    For those who are opened to trying a good fixer-upper shampoo, I highly recommend. Please let me know what you think of it!

    //yvette xo
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  2. I'm tempted to try it after using their ultra shea butter face cream (which cured a HORRIBLE dry skin/allergic reaction) and their shea hand cream.

    Thanks for the review!
  3. Can you use this shampoo and not need a conditioner? Do they make a conditioner? I have very curly hair and without conditioner my hair doesn't cooperate very well.

    I definitely agree with you about hair getting used to shampoo and then not working well after a while. I rotate about 3-4 shampoos and my hair stays fluffy and soft.

    I love L'Occitane Lemon Verbena - it's a staple for me in the summer and the shea butter hand cream I have stashed everywhere. It makes my hands so soft and I love the scent.
  4. Oh my! Sorry to hear that! I don't think anyone could ever be too cautious when trying face creams.. but that's just me because I have very sensitive and oily skin.. I like water base moisturizers - light in texture and fragrant free.. Thanks for sharing!!! :smile:

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  5. Ohhh is that the hand wash & lotion? The smell is soooooo fresh!!! And definitely agree 100% on the Shea hand cream being stashed just about everywhere! lol
    And yes, they have conditioner and even a hair mask.. I asked them to give me samples when I bought the shampoo just to test it out first ;)

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  6. Thanks for the recommendation. I'm definitely going to give the shampoo and the cream a try. :smile:
  7. Thanks! And please do come back to share your thoughts! xo

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  8. I've recently fallen in love with the Immortelle line of skincare!

    The brightening moisture mask is divine for my thirsty skin. I didnt know my skin was that dry. This mask and the Divine cream makes my skin dewy again and my complexion is even and bright!
  9. yvetteyeau i think Kansashalo meant the l'occitane face cream helped heal her skin :flowers:

    anyway, I am tempted to try this shampoo out! thanks for the recommendation :smile:
  10. /\ You're right - it wasn't the L'Occitone but something else. :smile:

    I love these products.
  11. thanks for your feedback!! i heard raving reviews about them too!!! (have yet to try) but will definitely after your feedback! :smile:

    yvette xo
  12. oh haha.. thanks for your clarification!! :smile:
  13. I love their Mom and Baby lotion!!! Got a sample and now I am going back for the full sized product!! Thank you for sharing about the hair line!!
  14. do their shampoos have sulfates? i'd like to stay with sulfate free shampoos but l'occitane en provence definitely has some amazing products.