L'Occitane 25% off coupon - 11/17-11/19

  1. Valid for phone, internet & boutique purchases - Have fun!:
    loccitane25off 112006.jpg
  2. Ohhh, thank you!
  3. Still learning how to do all this attachment stuff!!:

    The code is FNF25

  4. wow, what a great coupon, they practically never really run blanket discounts like this, I'm so excited, I can now stock up on the almond milk concentrate body moisterizer and almond delicious paste which is an exfoliant. I am totally hooked on that stuff. There is no better smell to me, I don't wear it every day but when I do I always feel special.

    what products does anyone love and rebuy constantly, I'm always looking for new products, and I love true recommendations. I really trust my fellow pf'ers. I;ve been steered many time in the right directions.

    thanks so much for posting this coupon, you rule.....
  5. I love the Shea butter products - Especially the 25% hand cream.

    I seem to buy lots of their products to have on hand for gifts (hostess, retirement, etc.) because they're such a treat and the scents are so gentle.
  6. Oops - maybe shea butter content only 20%!
  7. If you use ****** you get 4% cash back!!
  8. Thanks!

    I love the Verbena/Shea shower cream.
  9. I am so excited about this coupon. Love the soaps....
  10. Starts tomorrow
    - This was the only notice I got, so putting it up front again for those who didn't see last week.
  11. soaps are the best...extra gentle shea butter/verbena bar 8.8 oz lasts forever! Smells so great too.

    Thanks for the code!
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