L'Occitan Online Promotions

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  1. http://usa.loccitane.com/FO/Default.aspx
    20% off selected items
    2 FREE 1oz hand creams with $80 purchase or more

    Besides above promotions listed online, I got an extra one (can't find online)
    With $85 purchase or more, you get "kit tendresse"
    Shea Milk Soap 1.7oz
    Shea Ultra Comfort Milk 1.7oz
    Shea Lip Balm 0.17 oz
    100% Shea Tin 0.26 oz
    Use "SHOP" at check out. code expires on April 15, 2008. Not sure if you can combine offers.
    If you need the coupon of "kit tendresse" for shopping in the store, PM me. I can mail it out to you.<!-- / message -->
  2. The physical Coupon of "kit tendresse" is gone.
  3. the code is 982362 for this offer
  4. katlun was absolutely right. Thanks for the correction.
    Sorry I posted the wrong code.
    "982362" is the code!!!<SCRIPT type=text/javascript> vbmenu_register("postmenu_5850348", true); </SCRIPT>
  5. awesome!!! I'm gonna check it out! Thanks
  6. Was going to post this, you bet me too it.

    The print is really small and hard to read the code.

    I love their hand cream, but it's pricy at $25!