Locations of Second Hand Stores

  1. Hello everyone, I have started this thread so that we may help each other out in locating the secondhand designer stores in their local area. This will help those of us that is looking for something from the previous collection to complete our collection. Photos of the store will be great too. Thanks and good luck...
  2. Great idea....there are tons in Chicago, but I don't know about posting photos - probably address and website if they have one would be most helpful.....great idea, thanks for starting!!
  3. That would be great, I was gonna post some in Singapore last nite b4 i got interrupted... So here it goes...:heart:
  4. 1)Far East Plaza, Singapore

    2)Prestige collector
    #01-75A United Square,
    101 Thomson Road Singapore

    3)Branded/Designer Exchange, Far East Square
  5. Australia:

    Paddington Station, Oxford Street, Sydney.

    Have not been there in almost a year, not sure wat its like....
  6. this is a great idea. maybe this should be a permanent thread!
  7. I wish someone would post some in Dallas!
  8. In Kirkland Washington theres a great one close to the waterfront...
  9. This is a good thread - I think it should be a permanent one :p

    I don't know of any brick-and-mortar store, only online stores that resell :shame:
  10. I hope it will be permanent as it will be so helpful to our fellow pursefan.:love:
  11. If you could getthe address, it will be helpful. Thanks Needanotherbag
  12. Everyone plz help by voting and giving good votes on the thread.
  13. Boston, MA

    Second Time Around (lots of locations)

    The Closet
    (across the street from the main Newbury street Second Time Around store, sorry I dont know the address)
  14. There are tonnes in Hong Kong and Shanghai. I often pop by the Milan Station at Chang Le Street in Shanghai.

    For Singapore:

    Far East Plaza
    City Plaza, Ground Flr beside the Standard Chartered bank
    Bugis Point, Interesthing Shop (We Buy and Sell Pre-owned Authentic Louis Vuitton, LV, Chanel Handbag and purse)
    Change Alley - Madam Milan
    Prestige Collector - Amara Hotel / UN Square

    That's all I know of... =^_^=