Locations of all Coach Outlets in Florida??

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  1. I used the website under the All You Need to know about Coach Outlets Sticky, and noticed that the outlets in Florida that are closest to me are not even listed there!

    So I am wondering if someone can tell me all the locations in Florida of Coach outlets. I have not been able to find a comprehensive list anywhere!

    These are the ones I am aware of:

    Dolphin Mall in South Miami
    Sawgrass Mills in Sunrise
    Prime Outlets in Orlando
    Premium Outlets in Orlando
    Probably one in Jacksonville

    All input is appreciated!! :smile:
  2. Dolphin Mall isn't in South Miami.

    But there are two that I know of in Fort Myers, one is off of McGregor and the other is off of 75 in between Naples and FM. I think they are both Tanger.
  3. There's one in the Tampa area...Prime Outlets in Ellenton. There's a Prime Outlets in Naples that has Coach as well.
  4. Silver Sands in Destin:smile:
  5. There is a miromar outlets between naples and fort meyers off of 75.
  6. There is one here in Key west.
  7. There is also one in St Augustine, which is about 25 minutes outside of Jacksonville, but there is not an an Outlet in Jacksonville.

  8. Thanks... I was going crazy looking for one IN Jacksonville.
  9. This one is amazing. I have always found great deals there.

  10. Your right the Dolphin Mall is closer to the airport

    Mall Address:
    11401 N.W. 12 Street
    Miami, FL 33172