location of the charm/scarf

  1. Sorry if someone already asked this question before. Where would you attach your charm/keyfob or scarf relatively to how you carry it? Front/outside or back/outside? TIA
  2. I usually put the scarf towards the back of the bag. If I do both, scarf on back, charm on front. I think on the photo of the Ali I just did the opposite, now that i think about it!
  3. Personally I have never attached a keyfob or scarf, but if i were to, i think i would attach one to either the front or the back, depending on the bag and the way it looks on the bag, i think either or would work!
  4. I found that if I attached it in the front, it tends to get lost under my arm area if that makes sense LOL ;)
  5. [​IMG] and I wear it to the outside, not close to my body .. if that makes sense.

    [​IMG] again wear it to the outside of the bag.
  6. I love both of your charms!!! very cute!!
  7. I tend to put my Charm/keyfob on Front/outside and my Scarf on Back/outside of my purse.
  8. I put both in the same spot, on the "front" where it's in my sight when I carry it.
  9. I like to do the same thing!
  10. i put mine on the side facing forward, too scared someone might take it off the back
  11. Front, so I can see it and enjoy it (and check it's still there).