Location of Date Codes....sharing cool japanese site!!!

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  1. it took me a loooong time to find this cool site!!! nah, i've had this site saved 'somewhere' and couldn't find it....then i finally found it, it wasn't working....so i had to go look for it ----- here they are, so.....enjoy! ;):heart:

  2. Great stuff Sophia..thanks for that link on Serial No :roflmfao:
  3. thanks sophia! i love how words get katakana-ized....like akusesori pochi hehe sounds cuter to me.
  4. 'kay... it's been years since I had my required 2yrs foreign language...lol.. my hiragana/katana skills are rusty,(kanji? forget it!) but this is a fun way to brush up!:P

    Where did they get all these bags?!
  5. I agree, it's a cool site afterall. However it doesn't have complete collection i guess.
  6. Cool site! Thanks for sharing Sophia!
  7. wow, thanks for sharing.
  8. cool site thank you
  9. yeah, thanks a lot!
  10. i still can't find date code on my white multicolore speedy 30.. according to the site it should be inside of the pocket?
  11. It's heatstamped on the alcantra and can be a bit hard to find. Here's a pic from sunflower808781


  12. Thanks sophia618 for sharing! lol didn't see it till know.
  13. Thanks Chie!
  14. thanks for the site :P
  15. Neat site! Thanks for posting it!