Location of coach serial number on new coach purses

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  1. Good Morning Fellow Coach Friends,

    I am selling some new Coach purses and the potential buyers are challenging the authenticity of the purses based on the fact that the serial numbers are not located on the creed patch, but inside the zipper pocket in the interior of the purse. Does anyone have a reference article that explains this change in the location of the serial number? Best wishes for a wonderful day.


  2. You can also point them to Part 2 of the highly-respected Daria48 Coach Fake Numbers List that has been posted at Ebay in the Guides section and before that at the top of the old Shoes and Purses forum for almost 10 years:


    Fake Coach Serial Numbers, Part 2

    Daria48 says near the top of Part 2:


    Coach has made several major, and in my opinion very foolish changes in the last few years. In Summer 2014 they STOPPED STAMPING THE SERIAL NUMBERS THAT INCLUDED THE PRODUCTION CODES AND STYLE NUMBERS ONTO THE BOTTOM OF THE CREED PATCH. Not only does this make it harder for buyers to find the style number and name of their bag, but it also makes it much harder to spot and identify fakes.

    The stamped numbers have been replaced with two TINY white fabric tags hidden deep inside the bags, usually along a side or bottom seam and sometimes sewn near the bottom seam of the inside pockets. One shows the country of manufacture, and the other has 2 lines of factory production codes including Coach's style number. Photos of these tags are NECESSARY to identify and hopefully authenticate newer bags made after mid-2014.

    VERY bad move, Coach.

    Then in early 2016 they started including a cheap paper card in purses that they're calling a "certificate of Authenticity". We've said it many times - there is no such thing. NO PIECE OF PAPER CAN EVER PROVE A COACH IS GENUINE! Any counterfeiter can copy and reproduce a piece of paper! And even if the cards were ID-chipped like some highline makers do with tags inside their luxury bags (Coach does not do either), once that card would be taken out of the bag, the "proof" is gone. The ONLY thing that can ever prove or at least strongly indicate a Coach, or any other product, is genuine is if all the details are exactly correct and identical to the genuine version of the same style made in the same plant, month and year. Don't EVER depend on a piece of paper!

    Another VERY bad and irresponsible move on Coach's part.

    (added February 2016)"

    Daria and I have compared notes and collaborated on our respective Guides for almost as long as we've been posting them both here at tPF and at Ebay, and her information is rock-solid.
  3. Thank you. Awesome help, as always.