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  1. whether your bag is actively used or tucked away, where do you stash it at night? do you tuck it in or leave it on a chair? i used to leave mine out on a chair, but now we have a bed with 2 drawers, and one is designated for my bag. plenty of room in there for a companion too. :graucho:
    do you think that wrapping it up in the sleeper and storing it in a closet will extend the life of the bag vs. leaving it out?
  2. I put the bag inside the sleeper, then put it inside the box. After that I put the box inside the shopping bag, lay the whole thing flat, and store it in the storage (because it's cool and dry there). After that, I lock the storage.
  3. whoa, is this like a safe in your house?
  4. I keep my Kelly in the sleeper when I am not using it but the sleeper sits on my dresser right next to my bed so I can grab it in case I need to get out of the house quickly.
  5. a lady with a plan.

    does anyone put the tissue paper back inside at night?
  6. My bag came with two little plastic pillows that I put back in the bag when it is not being used.
  7. Me me me!! I keep everything in tact.
  8. Whoa, talk about Panic Room. However, I'm sure that if I spent that much money on a bag, I would be doing the same thing.
  9. HiHeels and Elongreach, my storage is actually a spare room with a small door. It just so happens that it's also lockable. So I use a small section of it to store the bags. Due to the fact that I cannot leave the A/C on 24/7, in the summer it is definitely the best place to store bags since it's always cool in there.
  10. hmmm, does cool and dry matter a lot? my drawer is metal, so that must be a good thing. plus our place is super cool since indeed the a/c IS on 24/7, until winter i mean. maybe i'll put the sleeper down in the drawer for the bag to lie on top of. i don't put anything inside because i keep some purse stuff in there all the time (cosmetics case, etc.), which helps fill it some.
  11. I keep my bags in their sleepers in their boxes.

    I do have a fire plan though. If my house started on fire, I will NOT leave my Hermes bags in there. I'll quickly take the bags out of their boxes, hang them on my arms and run out (after my dog and family are out of course...). My neighbors would be like "Why is she running out with all those orange bags?" :lol:
  12. I keep mine in my "bag closet" which is actually our hall closet but it is walk in because it is under a staircase. I have all my bags in their sleepers on shelves. I usually tuck Evelyne into a sleeper as well but I have left her out on a chair in the bedroom a couple of times...so I could look at her before I fell asleep. :shame: :lol:
  13. I'm seriously contemplating renting one of those climate-control U-Haul storage rooms with insurance if my bag collection gets big enough sinceI'll be too paranoid about leaving them at home (unless I put iron bars and iron gates on windows and doors)
  14. LOL crochetbella, I can just imagine that..but I think if I had a Hermes, I'd do the same. Kou, that seems like something I would do..they're precious!!
  15. For bags on frequent rotation, I keep the 1-2 "bags on standby" in their sleepers on my dresser or nightstand.