Locating Camellia Embossed WOC in Gray

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  1. ladies, i need your help! i've been calling around to try and locate a camellia embossed woc in grey but haven't had any luck.

    if anyone knows where i can find one or has spotted one, please let me know where (store, city, state).

    thanks in advance...i hope this or the chevron woc will be my first chanel purchase! :nuts:
  2. ^have you tried BG or NM?
  3. Yea...bg is sold out and nm only has black. I only called one nm though maybe I should call more
  4. found one a few days ago in duty free shop at the airport in BKK.
  5. OMG...i hope it's still there when i go to BKK in a month. THANKS!
    do you know how much it was?
  6. ughhhh, i just called and it's 47,500B which is more expensive than in the us. they only have 1 and they can't reserve it for more than 3-7 days and it'll probably be sold by the time i go... :crybaby:

    any other leads? :sad:
  7. ^^bump, no other sightings/suggestions?:sad:
  8. try calling Penney from Hirshleifer.
  9. what about saks (try Damian, contact on sa's thread), nordstrom, or bloomingdales? also try the chanel 1-800 number, just to cover all...

    btw, expect more colors coming: taupe, beige & wood. no idea when, but 1st sightings in france for sure :smile:
  10. ^^thank you so much for all your help! I called the Chanel 800 number last week but no ody answered so I emailed and there response was for me to ask the stores directly. I'll keep looking. Beige sounds pretty nice though...I was just thinking the other day that the camellias would look beautiful in ivory.
  11. where did you hear about the new colors? Are there sneak photos? Wondering if there's a color I should hold out for
  12. I know you are looking for a wallet on chain...but I came across a gray camellia wallet on ebay. If that is a good enough substitute, perhaps you can explore that option. Good luck with your search!
  13. from a former chanel insider pf-member. no pics yet. probably spring act 2, which i read will be arriving mid-March...

    beige would be divine, but a dangerous dirt magnet! lambskin + light color = scary! i think taupe would be a nice alternative to gray. mine actually has a taupey hint under daylight.
  14. a little update...damian, winnie, and penney don't have the gray or haven't heard of it coming in that color. i'll continue asking around and i'll try calling the rue cambon store tonight.

    the camellia embossed is a "limited edition" design right? after the next set of colors, are there going to be any more?

    i think i'll get the red and if i come across the gray in asia/europe then i'll get it then.

    thank you ladies for all your help!
  15. thanks, ibezj!