Located Vert..Seafoam Green city bag

  1. Hello gorgeous people- Passing on some great luck..at the NM in mICHIGAN there is the 2007 vert bag in the city style. I was so excited to finally see it. :drool: Nice smooth colored bag.. If I had not recently reached my BBag limit for now,:crybaby: I would def. go snatch it up.
  2. whats the pricetag???
  3. I think it'll be $1195
  4. Yes the total is
    ask for LISA 2486358442, 1195 is the price. Just called and its there, eagerly awaiting a home
  5. Make sure to check the back for an ink spot. I ordered a Vert deau city from NM not that long ago and was told it was the only one in the company. When I received it there was an ink mark on the back. Just be sure to check it out.
  6. Thanks for posting your find! I just called and bought it! Lisa checked it over and there are no marks/flaws. It is being over nighted and will arrive tomorrow. I can't wait!!!

    Thanks soooooo much for posting this AWESOME find:smile::tup:

  7. CONGRATS :yahoo:
  8. Thanks!! The last thing I need is ANOTHER Bbag!! But love this light color and just could not resist! The SA is fabulous! She also located for me a Cobalt/Aqua GGH clutch! So I have two awesome items arriving tomorrow:yahoo:. What a great day it will be:heart::heart::heart:!
  9. :drool: Nice combo...

    Show us the pictures when you get them!!!
  10. Roomie, congratulation on your new findings! I love your Aqua Clutch & please post pics when you receive that tomorrow
  11. Oh I will! I need to post a family pic of allll of my Bbags as I have yet to post any of them! Just been admiring other peoples bags and have forgotten about my own! Thanks all!!!
  12. I love how everyone helps out their fellow pf'ers - really great! Congrats Romie-Omie and post pics of the whole gang! ;)
  13. Yes-Romie Congrats,it truely is a gorgeous bbag and the clutch too-WOW! Pictures Pictures Please!