Located a RH Violet weekender if anyone wants one?

  1. In my search for a RH violet weekender I found one at Aloha rag. I have passed on it as I scored a EGGPLANT weekender, i couldnt believe my luck! Anyway one is out there if you want it!
  2. Congrats pinkchristie!!!! That's wonderful!!!!
  3. ^^ yippeeeeeee, congrats girl :wlae:
  4. RH? as in RH milano thats sold in nyc takashimaya?

    My brother has a fantastic bag from them in mocha,
    and ive been very curious to find out more about them.
  5. Congrats, girlie!!:tup:

    I too have an Eggplant WE that I adore to death!:tender: You'll love it....
    If I didn't have it already, I'll be searching high and low for a Violet WE! LOL
  6. can anyone please let me know?
  7. Hi RH stands for regular hardware, we were referring toa Balenciaga regular hardware violet weekender bag.
  8. link? whenever I go to their site, I get lost and can't find any balenciaga.
  9. as far as im aware they cant put pics of bbags on site but you can email them requesting what you want and they will let you know if they have it in stock or not.