Locate Cambon Wallet

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  1. Has anyone, that's been to NM or Saks, seen the beige w/black wallet? I'm searching for the long one, either the zip pouch or the regular. The Saks I ordered my large beige from didn't have any left.

    Thanks a bunch!
  2. Try NM Boston. I was able to preorder (by phone) the beige w/black Reporter bag and would love the matching wallet! If it is on sale and if you call please post an update here.
  3. Saks in NY had wallets 2 days ago. I ordered one from Sharon at 212-753-4000, she was very sweet. 40% off sale.
  4. No luck. No wallets there....
    I guess they are sooo busy I can hear them fighting in the back ground about answering the phone. I asked for Sharon and she was like " are u sure she asked for Sharon?? Can't u just take the call anyway???" " Nooo, they asked for u!!!" etc... they argued and argued and finally got to the phone with biiiiig sigh... and cut me off with quick "no wallets". How rude. :yucky:
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