Locate a Loubou

  1. I've noticed that a lot of people start threads asking other members to help them locate a particular CL style/shoe/size. What do you guys think about having a specific thread for locating CLs? For instance- someone could post "Please help me find a (name of style) shoe" and someone else could respond "I just saw it at my Saks in wherever", "It's on eBay right now" or "Such and such website has it in stock." I think it would be really helpful! What does everyone else think?

    Mods- sorry if this kind of suggestion isn't allowed! Just trying to be helpful!
  2. I actually enjoy the individual threads.
    The title of the thread usually has the name of the style one's looking for and this allows for skipping over when the style is not your particular taste.
    Plus, this helps w/ keeping the info collected; in a single thread, style info might be more scattered, because the posts will be sorted chronologically. :smile: