Local UPS store purposely OVER charging people!


May 22, 2006
Ok rant!:cursing:

Today I swung by the UPS store near my house to ship out a package to my parents. The dude that runs that place ( assuming that its a family owned business b/c he's Indian and so is his wife that works there and a boy that looks just like him) told me it would cost like $55 bucks to ship out the package without asking me which service I wanted. I was going for the GROUND shipping since it's the cheapest---$20. Anywho, I told the guy that I clearly wanted GROUND and he tried to pursuade me that the 3 day would be guaranteed b/c of the holidays and so on---convincing me that its his job to HELP his customers to the best deal.

yeah right. He's just a really good bull crapper bc a few months ago my SO went there to ship his computer out to FL, and was charge about $300!!! ( I just found this out today when I got home n told him about this story) I checked the price on UPS.com and it would cost no more than 80$ to ship it ground.

My SO siad that the SAME guy told him thats what is available.


But back to my side of the story- I told him that the address was to a COMMERICAL addy, and he put RESIDENTIAL. I asked him why and he said it's the same thing.

I went home and sorta thought about it and figured that this guy is a total jerk and a jipper b/c somewhere before I learned that Residential is a little more expensive!!!!

I just called UPS and asked them if residential is more expensive than commerical and they said YES.

The guy totally jacked me.

It's not even about the $. It's the principal that he didn't give me clear options!!! I am sure he does these techniques to get a few extra bucks to get some more COMMISSION for every package that comes thru that place.

As much as I may sound bossy, I got the # to the complaint center and I SURELY will give them a call on Monday.


Thank you for reading. I feel much better now that I got this out.

I will continue to ship with UPS- just not at that place.



Jul 8, 2006
hmm if its privately operated, i think there is a slight difference in price then if you went to a UPS facility location. same with fedex,dhl etc. all the 'franchises' have there own prices then the acutal ups/fedex/dhl locations etc.


Oct 12, 2006
They are individually owned and operated franchises. Ask your friends, shop around for the best one in your area.

We are extremely blessed with our UPS store, they do all kinds of things for us, and never charge us much at all, if anything.

Compare that to our previous UPS store, where the guy apparently had personal problems or something, and simply left town one day without bothering to inform his customers, UPS, or anybody! I will have to give UPS props, they went above and beyond to minimize the impact of that on us, and thanks to their efforts, we didn't lose a single piece of mail!


Dec 27, 2005
You can call UPS direct and they will come out to your house to pick up a package. I think there is somthing like a $10.00 service fee added to the amount but it sure makes things easier. You do need to know the weight of the package and they ask you the box size--but UPS comes with a preprinted label and you just pay with a check. Better than taking a heavy box to the UPS store.