Local TJ MAXX Morgantown, WV

  1. So I went to my local TJ MAXX in morgantown, WV and they are putting out some factory exclusive items from coach. They are putting out the striped items:


    They are also putting out some bumblebee items:


    Just thought I would let you all know!!!
  2. i saw that striped bag at my local marshalls (a hobo style I believe for $149.99)...as well as three tweed bags (rose-ish orange-ish colored)...2 were satchels (149.99) and the other was a tote (199).
  3. My husband is from Wheeling, WV. I may have his mom drive down and see if there is anything that she may like. Thanks for the tip.
  4. OMG!! I can't believe it! I was up in Morgantown last night at the Target right next door and I thought to myself "I should check TJMaxx" but I didn't say anything because the kids were acting up and my DH was irritated, but trying to be nice and I just didn't want to push it as we still had a 35 minute drive home.

    I AM KICKING MYSELF RIGHT NOW!:crybaby::censor:
  5. I was in TJMaxx In Louisville, KY yesterday and they had a few of that same stripe pattern. They also had some very nice black gloves. Nothing else that I saw though.

    2 weeks ago the other one across town had two very large green suede Soho Satchels. I let them pass me by, after carrying one of them around the store for 20 minutes! They were like 179.99.
  6. The TJ's in Charleston Wv had bordeaux and green suede hobos right before christmas @ 179.99 each. They were nice, but I don't have the patience to care for suede.

  7. Maybe yoy can call them and have them hold one of the items for you.... they had the exact items that I had pictured...and these as well


  8. Lisette--also if you go up there update us with what else they put out or have....THANKS!!
  9. I'm going to call my DH and see if he will be traveling thru there on his way home from work, if not I will try to find a way to get up there tomorrow. DH's car is broke down and in the shop so he's using mine, hopefully I'll be able to get away tomorrow.

    Thanks for the head's up!
  10. was that striped pattern ever in stores? I have a hobo in a similar striped pattern from '05, but the stripes are definitely different
  11. The one pictured was a factory release. Coach released a Hamptons striped twill line for the boutiques in spring/summer 2005. I have the wristlet from that line. If you click below, I have posted an auction for that twill line that was released in boutiques. The hobo you have is probably from this line, right?


  12. yup thats the purse I had. That's why I thought those bags were fakes because the look similar to my bag, but not exactly. IMHO, the factory bags look cheap (in the pictures). Maybe thats why they didn't sell at the outlets!!