Local Radio Station is giving away Coach bags!

  1. Our local radio station in Columbus is giving away a ton of designer bags, including Coach. There are three left (last week they gave away a Carly camel leather demi). I attached the pics of what's left.

    I can't identify the satchel. I've looked at Coach's website and am probably overlooking it. Anyone have any idea what it is? All of the bags are real - they were donated from the Columbus Saks Dept. store.
    Purse31_Lg.jpg Purse34_Lg.jpg Purse38_Lg.jpg
  2. can we call in to win? good luck!
  3. I tried to call in when they were doing this last month in Detroit. Lord and Taylor was sponsoring the give away. I could never ever get through, always the busy signal.
  4. Actually, their rules are that you must sign up on their website and become a "loyal listener." Then, three times a day they will do the contest and call a random name chosen from those who've registered on the site. That person has 30 minutes to call in and they pick one bag from all the bags listed on the station's website, and in addition, they get a $200 giftcard to buy shoes! If the person doesn't call in within 30 minutes, too bad, so sad - no bag for you :p and then they just continue on with the contest at the next time.

    I had a coworker that won a red Kate Spade tote last year. I just know my time's a-comin!
  5. I like the way your radio station does it!! Wouldn't you just die if someone said, "hey heard your name on the radio!! and you didn't!!"
  6. A radio station here does that as well! They give away Coach, Kate Spade, Mark Jacobs, Juicy Couture and sometimes even LV. Of course I have never won. :sad:
  7. they do this in DFW too. They give away all sorts of bags and you can call in and pick which one you want
  8. I hope someone on here wins something!
  9. moving 93.9 in los angeles ca is giving them away too plus you get $93 in cash and a chance to win $25,000

  10. I wonder if you get to pick what bag you want? or they are just giving a ton of small hobos away.
  11. Heard it on our radio station last weekend.
    Wonder what the catch is.
  12. the one on the far right looks like the Hamptoms Signature Perforated Large Carryall but slightly different??
  13. Here's the sucky part. I just read the contest details for ours (posted in superfine print) and you have to file one of those tax forms if it's the prize is valued over $600. :wtf: The gift card for the shoes is $200 so you could only choose a $400 bag! I bet the people picking the Chanels and Louis Vuittons didn't read the fine print. How much would it suck to win a sweet bag and then have to pay the tax man. :yucky:
  14. yup, they did this in NOVA on Hot 99.5....they had Coach, Dolce and Gabanna, Gucci, and even LV