Loaning your bags?

  1. Hello

    I have a nice collection of purses. My questions is does anyone ever loan theirs to friends or family members?
    My mother has asked to borrow my purses. The only problem is she smokes and I don't. So needless to say the smell just grosses me out. Plus of course I don't think she will baby them the way I do. I know it makes her mad when I tell her no. I tell her about the smoking and she says she won't smoke around them but I know she will. She can't help it. What do you guys think?

    Here is my collection

    I do let her "borrow" my dog when I go out of town :graucho:
  2. Lovely collection! I don't like lending my bags (my sister in law has dropped a few hints which I have always managed to side step) & never do other than my daughter who thankfully doesn't smoke but I couldn't refuse my mum anything & she does look after your dog for you LOL
  3. Of all people who I *might* loan a bag to it would probably be my mom. However, the smoking part is a dealbreaker. There is no way I would lend any of my bags to a smoker!!!! Gross!
  4. I have sixteen Coach's and no one borrows them because I would not be able to handle one of them coming back in less than perfect condition :crybaby: :crybaby: ,
    I worked hard for my bags I will not let some one jsut screw them up since almost all the are not made anymore . And I am pretty sure things would turn volient if they were harmed:cursing: :wtf:

    I would let my mom borrow them ( she has paid for a few ) except she has the tendacy to throw her bags in the car and I can't have my bags thrown around , and she has her own Coach bags
  5. No way. It is not worth losing trust in a family member after they bring your bag back to you and it's not the way they left with it. Nope.
  6. My mom loved to borrow a little Gucci pochette/demi bag of mine (my very first designer bag, aaaaaaaaaaaaages ago), and it drove me CRAZY because she had one of the fattest wallets I've ever seen. That thing was stuffed with about twenty bucks worth of change, all kinds of receipts and bits of paper, 85 credit cards... It was ridiculous. I hated when she'd asked to borrow my Gucci because I knew she was going to cram that big, fat overstuffed wallet in my little bag. :crybaby:

    A little later I bought her a Gucci of her own, thinking that would solve the problem, but she'd still ask to borrow my small bag! Eventually I just gave up fighting her Mom Powers of Persuasion. I let her have it for a while and tried not to think about it. :crybaby: :crybaby::crybaby:

  7. The smell of smoke is disgusting but I couldn't refuse my mother anything either. If you ever have kids, they will have their share of odors, but I'll bet she'll still babysit!!!
  8. Personally i could not refuse my mom if she asked me to borrow my bags, she gave birth to me after all, she doesn't smoke but she throws her bags on the floor etc... but still she's my mom, bags come and go
  9. Your collection is gorgeous. I would have a hard time loaning any of my bags to friends or relatives. My mom would never want to borrow any of mine (thank goodness) and I know would never ask to borrow any of my friends or family members.
  10. I wouldn't let the dog borrow them either. Looks kinda shifty to me.
  11. True LOL
  12. Dogs + purses can be a BAAAAAD combination, especially when they are lil' naughty puppies!

    I would trust my mom with my bags, she is very careful with everything, but if she smoked that would be a different story. Smoking odors are gross and hard to get out.
  13. for me, the smokeing would be a dealbreaker...
  14. i'd just say no, as you treat your collection as exactly what it is, a collection...

    maybe go to dooney & bourke factory or coach outlet, or even TJMaxx or Marshalls or whatever kind of store like that you have, and purchase one for mum so she can get into the habit of buying her own :yes: hehe... good bonding experience.