Loafers vs belt?

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  1. Hi! I recently got a new job and wanted to buy myself a gift to celebrate. I am torn between getting Jordaan loafers or a belt. I feel like the price difference is negligible. What I can’t decide is whether the belt has already peaked? Are loafers more professional? What do you Gucci fans think is more versatile/classic/enduring item to have as first Gucci item?
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  2. Hi. Congrats on your new job. I have both and I love them broth. But the loafers are so comfortable in your case you just need to decide what will you wear more of. Belt or Loafer. Good luck with you decision.
  3. Get the loafers, they are timeless....the belt is great so save up and get it later.
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  4. Get the belt. Its a great start, then you could always get the loafers. PS: I don’t own the loafers.
  5. I have both and the loafers are a better buy.
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  6. Congrats on your new job! :tup:

    I'd go for the loafers. They're gorgeous, classic, more or less timeless and can really elevate a simple outfit in a way no belt can, in my opinion. They just feel like a more substantial purchase and a better value.
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  7. Congratulations on the new job!
    I say get the loafers. Logo belts are overplayed.
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  8. It is a question of personal taste and lifestyle. But when you ask what is more professional, I have to say I personally don’t find the belt (provided you are referring to the GG belt) very professional looking at all for corporate-type environments whereas the opposite is true of the loafers. I also find the loafers far more timeless. After all, this particular model dates from the 70s whereas the GG belt has been a strong trend that seems to be on the wane already (and Gucci is betting big time on the horsebit for the next seasons)
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  9. Jordaan loafers. no contest
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  10. Get the loafers... you don't know what kind of environment you're 'walking' into.( pun intended.) The workplace can be tricky when it comes to wearing particular personal styles and logos... Especially because you are the 'NEW PERSON' . People are going to always make a snap decision on who and what you are anyway. You can work there for years, and then decide to wear a particular thing, and then all hell breaks loose. Sounds silly but can and does truly happen all the time. The loafers are under the radar and super comfy. I guarantee that if you wear the Gucci belt... someone will go out of there way try to make you feel uncomfortable about you, your purchase and wearing it to work. Feel your way around your new place of employ... you will see what it is, and if there is a written and unwritten rule of what is expected, desired and/or preferred in your workplace. Congrats on your new job and new purchase.
  11. I have both and agree with the comments above about getting the loafers. Although I use my belt a lot (I have the small GG belt with the pearls), I feel my Jordaans are more classic and will likely stand the test of time (over my belt). Good luck deciding!