Loafers -- suggestions plz!!

  1. For the longest time I am trying to find a pair of good looking and cute loafers. Loafers are super comfy but man they are so boring looking 99% of the time. The only one I like is chloe's. But they are a bit out of my price range. Any suggestions? I need them for work mostly, but the shoes do not need to be too dressy looking. Help!
  2. I just bought a pair of coach loafers that were pretty cute.
  3. how about Gucci loafers?!!they're not super expensive, but good looking...Miu Miu's are great too!:rolleyes: :graucho:
  4. i love my LV lomboks
    well i've only worn them a few times actually but they feel comfortable though ;)
  5. My faves are the Ferragamo driving mocs with the Gancio horsebit type detail on the vamp (similar to Gucci). Unlike Tods, the soles have large rectangular nubs on the bottom instead of the smaller "pea" sized ones that wear down easily. Comfy and stylish = cost about $325.
    I saw them at Nordies and the Ferragamo store. not sure if there is a pic online.
  6. thank you for all your suggestions! i'm going to check them out! thanks!
  7. Delman has some cute loafters this year kinda like Chloe


    Bluefly has them for $147. Cheaper than Chloe.
  8. Tods!!! but I have to say, the other day, I picked up the softest leather Tods -wannabes from Marks and Spencer (here in the UK) & they were in the sale at £11 !! Bargain! I don't wear flats at all but I just loved that the leather was soooo soft & squishy, like my Tods (that have been worn a total of ZERO times but I had to buy them cos every one needs a pair of Tods driving loafers right?:biggrin:)
    so, I'd definitely look & see in a basic high-end high street chain. I think just about everone has their own variation on the Tods loafer & all at pretty good prices!

    Also totally agree with the Ferragamos!! I have a pair of those too :sad: again, unworn. oh how I long to wear them & frolick round Paris in white capri pants & a black rollneck looking so Audrey Hepburn meets Jane Birkin.......... sigh..... However, neither my stubby legs, overly large boobs or dwarfish 5'2ish frame lends themselves readily to this look:sad:
  9. IMO, Delman are the most UNCOMFORTABLE shoes ever. I have a couple pairs and NEVER wear them b/c I can't take more than a few steps without pain. Tods are really comfortable as are prada, ferragamo, and gucci. HTH
  10. I agree about Delman. My feet don't like them at all.

    Parkavenue - LOL!
  11. Coach, Nine West, Carshoe, and AK
  12. essential...good question...I just came to ask the same one! I NEED loafers for uni!!
  13. I'm going to check Tod's as well. Thanks for all the suggestions! keep them coming! :smile:
  14. ok, now I don't know how much use this will be but!! a few weeks agao, actually it wa probably more like a month or two ago! I saw some in Gap & they had the teensist weensist kitten heel on them & they were very cute! and only about £20. I don't know if they'd still have them (I also saw the same pair recommended in Vogue) but it might be worth a quick look next time you're in there?
    don't let the kitten heel put you off, they were only about 1 cm so about 1/2 an inch high & not fragile at all.

    I'll still keep my eyes peeled though!

    Greentea, its true :sad: :biggrin: