Loafers... NON TORY but need TORY LOVERS opinions!!!!


LV & Bal Obsessed
Aug 6, 2012
Tallahassee, FL
I'm looking for a nice comfy pair of shoes for school, I'm between Prada loafers and Ferragamos. Which would you say are the better of the two???

Most of my shoes are Tory Burch Revas, Tory Burch Millers, and Tory Burch boots. I own some uggs, some converse, but I really want a pair of nice loafers and I feel like this is not Tory Burch's area...

also ladies, I wear 9 in Revas... what size would I wear in these loafers ( I need to order online, not available here in Tallahassee. )


Oct 22, 2009
I have Prada loafers/driving mocs and love them. They are super comfy and I have found that they fit pretty true to size. I usually wear an 8 - 8.5 in Tory Burch and take a 38.5 - 39 in all Prada shoes. I believe my Prada loafers are a 38.5. Let me know if you have any more questions!