Loaf Paddington: What do you think?

  1. I've found this "old model"...
    What do you think?
    I love so much the colour and the fact that is easier to open and close but it is not the regular satchel.. ( i've alreday 2)

    I've done the rigth thing buying it?:wtf:
    Tan Loaf Paddington.jpg
  2. I love it....
    It's different than regular satchel but as nice and of course you have done the right thing :yes:
    congrats and enjoy it :flowers:
  3. Very nice - I think that is one of the best Chloe colors.
  4. I do like it, but I'm not too keen on the lock hanging off the side. But I love the color

  5. I think I might prefer the paddies with the zipper on the bottom. But that color is killer!
  6. I happen to like it alot.It's a gorgeous color too!
    You most definitely made a good choice,lol :yes:
  7. Love this style! Was it hard to find .......... or do you think it is still available in most stores?
    Congrats, the color is beautiful!
  8. This style is no longer produced...
  9. Well you are one lucky girl! Very nice l b.

    I think I will still contact my expert SA at Nordstrom and see if she has some ideas. She is excellent at finding items.

    If anyone sees this style, please PM me. Thanks!
  10. You've absolutely done the right thing buying this. Great colour, beautiful leather, discontinued style, you can't go wrong. Enjoy :love:
  11. I am using this bag at the moment :smile:
    I love it, BUT, it is very hard to open and close. So its not a bag you can easily dip in and out of.
    Having said that, it is getting easier, but that may be because I am just getting used to it, but you have to have the bag ideally sitting on a table or other to close it properly.
    I do not mean to put you off, as I still adore mine, but it is something to take into consideration.
    I love the tan colour, its gorge :biggrin:
  12. Not only is the color fabulous, but you loved the bag! so of course you did the right thing! and congratulations!!! It's lovely!
  13. i think it's a great size :smile: