loaf paddigton, help me!!!

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  1. hi girls, i m writing to know if any of you has bought a chloè bag called loaf paddington. would you mind posting clear pics for me?
    thank you in advance... :smile:
    you can also write me an email to
  2. I have the mini paddington, does this picture help
  3. congrats...it is so beautiful....i wish i had one like this..... :smile:
  4. Thanks Ross 77. Are you looking for one (if you are, we can keep our eyes open for you, as not too many come up for sale) :smile:.

    The loaf is confusing as it is called so many different names!. Over here in the UK, I purchased it as a zip lid, open top! (what a discription :biggrin:), its a great bag, but takes a little time to get used to opening an closing it, as it is a wide zip that closes on both sides and the zips meet in the middle. Its fine after a little bit of playing ;)
  5. hi hi hi you need to get used to the zips :smile:... i love it, really...i tried the yvory paddy which was on sale in my country (Italy) but it's too heavy and i didn t like the colour....btw I like the zip and i prefer loaf to the paddington....i hope to find one but i think it will be very expensive... :sad:
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