Loads of new bags on the Mulberry website

  1. i really like the large smithfield but could never afford it!!!!!
    Take a look at www.mulberry.com
  2. I love Wilton, what a Beauty !
  3. Hi flyvetjo , i've been away for nearly two weeks so am chuffed the Mulberry threads are being kept going and new ones started :yes:
  4. Oh well, I am getting the Error when trying to load the website. Last time, it was a day or two before I could successfully get into the site.
  5. Woah - Mulberry goes well and truly funky. I really love the Somerset tote - just wish it came in the claret colour. The damson is a great colour, just not one I would ever wear.
    The large Smithfield is going to be a seller I reckon and I'm so glad they've bought back the long zip around purse. My Mulberry purse is on its last legs so I'm putting myself down to be notified when the oak one comes in. What a great new collection, I love the way they're going. Was worried when the Giles collection came out but these new bags just shout classic style with an edge.
  6. Wish that they showed the interior of the bag. I bought a bag and love the looks but it doesn't fit much beyond a keys, phone and wallet.
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Yes, i wish they had more photo's including the interior of the bags and also some pics on models would be helpful to see their scale and what they look like when carried!