Loads of new arrival purses on Bluefly.com

  1. They've just added loads of new arrival handbags on Bluefly.com if anyone is interested:


    The discount is usually 20% off retail, but I believe the discount code MISSEDYOU112 will knock off an additional 15%.

    Have at 'em:smile:
  2. thanks!
  3. Thanks, I 'm going to look now.
  4. beware of fakes. they sold me two fake chloe handbags
  5. After reading about some tPF'ers recent experiences with Bluefly fakes, I am wary of buying from them again.
  6. Ugh... really Daniela127???!

    Did you know by looking at them or you had to have them authenticated by Chloe??? I just bought 2.. maybe I'll cancel.

  7. Can someone point me to the Bluefly "fakes" thread... I remember there was one floating around somewhere...

    Do you think the fakes apply to *all* designers?? YSL too?
  8. I would not purchase from here-too many horror stories re:fake handbags!:sad:
  9. Gosh... should I cancel my order? I just ordered 3 awesome bags. :crybaby:

    But I guess it's not worth it to tie up lots of $$$ with a bunch of fakes.
  10. Ok, I just reluctantly CANCELED my order.

    :crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:
  11. i dont want to deal with bluefly and their horror stories of fake bags
  12. I would be wary of the Chloe's--unless they've resolved the former problem. The YSL bags have been authentic in the recent past. I ordered the Maia, but returned it for different reasons--found the locking cumbersome for access and didn't like it without the lock.
  13. Thanks guys. I did have a YSL Rive Gauche in there too... but just canceled the entire order before reading your last posts. Maybe I'm just better off leaving it this way. :shrugs:
  14. I wanted to buy there too, but i read so many times about all the fakes - that i decided not to go through with it