LOADS of Chloe at Billion Dollar Babes

  1. I Just got back from the BDB sale and downstairs has a LOT of chloes. Nothing more than $1000. The oversized bowler in red and in the brown was $800. I had NO idea the bag was so darned huge.

    There are about 15 different styles of bags, including ediths (flap, messenger, classic), teklas, bettys, and others I don't know the names. I didn't see any paddys.
    There was at least one python silverado and other silverados, too.

    good luck.
    The sale is at the Metropolitan Pavilion on 18th between 6/7 and lasts until Thursday.
  2. Are they authentic? How much were the Ediths? Do you have a phone number for them? Thanks!
  3. They are authentic and with tags. Unfortunately, there's no phone number because it is a warehouse sale and all transactions need to be in person.
  4. hmm did you see any chloe clutches about? :smile:
  5. Thanks for reporting back Creighbaby! did you happen to remember how much the Silverados were?
  6. what other designers can be found at this sale?
  7. Hey everybody,

    I went to this sale yesterday and they had a bunch of clothes and jewelry on sale too. As for Chloe bags, they had Tracy, multiple sizes of Bettys (including the pretty small one with chain straps?), there was a white-ish python silverado with gold glitter/dust on it for about $2000. They also had a black python silverado and another python bag i don't remmeber what style. No clutches! Lots of different color Ediths. It was like a rainbow down there. But the sale also has tons of clothes. They had See by Chloe and other designers. Communal changing rooms. They had a wide selection of accessories and jewelry which was great. Costume and fine jewelry and belts and shoes and all. If you have time you should definitely check it out. Chloe bags are in the basement!
  8. Thanks for the info diamond_lover. Do you know the prices of the ediths?
  9. Nope sorry, Don't know the price of Ediths. I was more into the clothes than the bags. But they really had a wide selection of Bettys and Ediths. No Paddingtons though.
  10. Did anyone go and buy any bags? If so please let us know pricing etc. if you know it.
  11. [​IMG]

    I bought the Tracy for $500. I had no idea it retailed for $1,550. :p So glad that I didn't hit any other sales today. I also got a necklace that I love for $75 from Jessica Elliot.

    There were a couple of python bags left, but they just aren't me. Which is too bag b/c they were under $1,000 - maybe $800? There was a very large light tan python bag downstairs for $1,300. Prices were really, really good. I think they might have marked them down today. 1
  12. No, unfortunately.
  13. Hi, sorry to be double posting but I guess it's a better shot to post it here since you girls bought stuff there-- do they charge tax? Even if you pay cash? Thanks!

  14. Is it cash only or are they taking credit cards?
  15. They take credit cards but you will have to pay tax. Chloe bags are downstairs!