Loaded Diaper Bag as a Gift

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  1. I am going to get my best friend the Coach diaper bag (which I know she wants) for her shower gift. I would like to load it up with baby stuff that she will need to carry in it. I know nothing about babies or diaper bags, as I have not had children (yet!) I would love some suggestions on stuff to fill the bag with. One thing I know of that is on her registry is the travel baby wipes warmer... what else? TIA!
  2. -the little plastic box of travel wipies, usually on top shelf above boxes of wipes.
    -a few newborn size diapers, give her the rest as an extra ;)
    -hand sanitizer
    -a pretty burp cloth
    -baby cap/hat
    -travel size diaper rash ointment
    -soft baby blanket
  3. those little diaper sacks to throw diapers away in.
    miracle blanket (that's what they're called... its a swaddling blanket)
  4. Great sugesstions so far. I would add:

    The little travel reusable ice packs
    Oxy wipes or tide pen
    Small baby toy or teething ring
  5. Wow ladies! Thanks so much for the suggestions. I think I will have more fun shopping to fill the bag than she will while using it. I can't express how much of a terrific resource the tPF community has been for me, from suggestions on handbags, shoes, make up, what to cook for dinner... and now, even a great baby gift for my BF! Thanks so much to all for everything!
  6. you're welcome, your friend is going to LOOOVE it! My favorite baby gift was my Kate Spade diaper bag, KS was big then and it was such a luxury to me! :biggrin:
  7. maybe a couple of bibs...

  8. YES YES YES!!!

    Get the Miracle Blanket... hands down the best swaddling blanket ever. My babies loved it so much, and it helped them sleep.

  9. you wouldn't really need that in a diaper bag though. . . it's a great gift, but I thought she wanted diaper bag content type goodies{?}
  10. I got this kind of gift with my 1st baby. What's inside were different items - not necessarily baby items that I need when travelling only, but the bag had baby hangers also, baby clothes, bottles, blankets, a can of formula, a pack of newborn diapers, baby shoes, socks, ALL different kinds of baby stuffs. It was really cool! I LUV IT!

    I think it is really a good idea to give someone this kind of gift to a baby shower or a gift after giving birth - no matter what's inside (as long as it's useful for the baby and mommy). :tup:
  11. ^^^ yeah, extra baby clothes are important!!!!

    babies have lots of 'accidents'.....and i remember changing her clothes so often at mall bathrooms....LOL

    so.... the back-up clothes! =D
  12. maybe not. but i put one in mine so that when we're out places like relatives houses or something i can wrap her up.
  13. Several pairs of baby socks. I must have lost a dozen during DD's first 3 months.
  14. A travel-size tube of lanolin/purelan if your friend is likely to breastfeed. Gotta tend to those nipples after nursing even if you are out and about!

    Some hand-sanitizer (travel bottle or some wipes) for post diaper changes.