LMOA...Ever make and offer on a bag and then...

  1. get shot down from the seller. They do counter offer a price that is $5 less than the BIN...hmmm....I chose to decline it at that time-did I REALLY want this??? I knew the price range that they were looking for-or at least had a better idea... A few days later check back and see the auction ended with the seller accepting an offer that was over $100 LOWER than the amount you offered?!?:wtf:


    I know....I just think that if the seller had been a little more realistic with her counter offer - she would have gotten more for her bag-I would have accepted it...Bet she is kicking herself! :push:

    I don't think it was anything personal my FB is 100% and I am not a newbie...and I don't shoot lowballs out there on NEW bags. Might lowball a bag based on a listing or condition but never a NEW bag!! CRAZY:shrugs:

    Just curious?
  2. That has never happend to me! I think that sometimes people think that they will get more/it is worth more and decline with out thinking. There also is the possiblity that the seller and the buyer privately worked something out in a exchange? Paying a certain way? Dropping off CASH.

    It is interesting we never know what goes on in someones mind when it comes to money, call it sellers remorse or maybe in your case bidder's luck as it was not meant to be, you can spend that money on something else:yahoo:Think positve.
  3. I've never seen that but I'm sure the seller is not happy. What I have seen a number of times is an item with an auction price and a BIN. Somebody puts in an auction bid which cancels the BIN and the item ends up getting bid up through the auction ending higher than the BIN had been.
  4. My lesson learnt, try not to be greedy, I declined over 25.00 and now I'm still sitting on it. Oh, I guess I was not meant to sell it.
  5. It's tough when you're negotiating because you never know what each other's "breakpoint" is before one party gets offended/mad and ends the bargaining process.

    As a seller, I get lowballs all the time, and sometimes all I can do is to decrease my price a little in the hopes that they will offer a more reasonable offer.

    As a buyer, I lowball other sellers as well, hoping that they're desparate enough to come down in price somewhat.
  6. i ask them straight away..:tup:
  7. I made an offer on an item once (an LV bag). The seller wanted around $2300 and I knew she only paid about 1600 for it, so I offered a very reasonable 2000. She countered with 2150 and I declined. A week later she sold the bag, for a best offer of $2000! :rolleyes: In the end I was glad I didn't get it, since I knew she had bought it from another eBay seller for a killer price and was trying to make a killer profit on it!
  8. Yup! That is exactly like what I am talking about. :okay: I personally think it was hysterical - I was aware of this seller and their habits but chose to make the offer anyway. Usually WAY overpriced and I made an extremely reasonable offer knowing the history of the bag. I just have never seen someone essentially get bit in the butt...KWIM. Too funny. :lol:
  9. This is why I have a seller account abd a buyer account.

  10. That's interesting! I never thought of doing that!