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  1. Hi. I bought a gently worn Argent SH on *bay. It shows signs of wear as expected. I have the lovin my bags balenciaga kit but I've never tried using it before today. Is there anything I should know before I take the plunge? I don't want to ruin my bag. If you have any tricks or most especially any "do not do this" can you please post. THANK YOU!!!!
  2. #3 Jan 14, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2009
    I got the Balenciaga kit recently and have so far only used it on a non-Bal CP (MbyMJ), and my new Money wallet, plus I tried the For Handles Only on my City.

    For the Money, I used pro-treatment and then the moisturiser (soft something, can't remember the name). I just applied it according to the directions on the back of the bottle (with the sponge), and let it dry between layers. Not difficult at all, it didn't change the colour or anything, and the wallet definitely feels well-protected now (not nearly as dry as when I got it). So these products seem to be doing their job. So far so good, but:

    The only thing that makes me hesitate to use them again is the SMELL :cursing:. It reeks of perfume! I tend to use non-scented products for everything from skin care products to detergent, so I find the perfumey smell pretty nasty, and hope that it will go away after a while. But I know that some people don't mind. To decide for yourself if you can stand it, smell the product - that's basically how your bag will smell afterwards!
  3. - oh, and about the For Handles Only: it doesn't smell as much as the other products, fortunately! It was a little more difficult to apply, it must be applied in a fairly thin layer, and let it dry well between layers. The handles become quite matte after drying, but I buffed it with a clean cloth afterwards, and the handles now look about the same as before. Still have to wait to see how it holds up though, as I only did this last week...
  4. Thanks for answering. I tried the cleaning product and it left some dark gray stains! I hope they go away. Looks like I will have to send it in for repairs.