LMB protector question

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  1. Can someone help me please? Does the LMB vachetta protector leave your vachetta streaky? This would be on brand new virgin vachetta.
  2. It was streaky on my Delightful strap!! I had to send it in for repair, but I used it on my Speedy and it was ok because it wasn't virgin. :weird:

  3. Omg ur kidding me?! You had to send it in for repair? Did they put a new strap on? That's what I'm scared of-it being streaky. The reason I ask this question is because I used the CLEANER on a brand new purse and it left it streaky. After that I didn't use the other LMB products. I don't know whether to use it or not-the protector:wacko:
  4. No they didn't replace it! She just "cleaned" it for me. It's ok now, but of course I can remember/tell where the streaks originally were so there's still shadows of it. She told me something was wrong with my protector so had to send me another one. I probably wouldn't use it on my virgin vachetta anymore but older ones I would. I'd let it patina a bit on it's own and then clean/protect/condition.
    I know the price we pay for these babies and something happens to them I feel like the world is gonna end. :wtf::cursing:

  5. Ok wow-sorry that your LMB protector was defective. I would have been so upset! Well I was upset over the cleaner leaving streaks. Ugh. Maybe I will wait for my new bag to patina a bit then use the protector on the underside of the strap to make sure it doesn't streak.:rolleyes:
  6. I know! I thought it was my lighting inside the house and I was seeing things. Then I let it dry overnight and in the morning looked at it- still there! I literally stared at it for what seems like forever thinking wtf am I gonna do now? Of course, I think after it patinas a while it will kinda blend those streaks out more so it's not as noticeable, but you should just wait a bit. Better idea!

  7. Hahaha I totally understand the wtf part!!! I freaken got a new speedy b and in less than 24 hours I got a mark on the handle. It was bothering me sooo much! So I ordered the LMB. Then I waited for that to come in the mail. When I got it I got out the cleanser and tried to spot clean that one area on the handle. Then the cleanser made that one spot a bigger spot :crybaby: so then I said ok well let me clean the whole handle-which mind you was brand spanking new! Then it left it with streaks:nono: so that was my reason for asking this question-didn't know if the protector would do the same. I will just wait :supacool: