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  1. Hi all! I sent a Caramel city bag that I had to lovinmybags.com for some TLC and just got it back the other day. I have to say that they did an AMAZING job. My bag had scuffed corners and some of the threading on the handles was unraveling/missing. I was pleasantly surprised when I got it back to find that it looked as good as new.:yahoo: I am seriously in awe of the job that they did. I highly recommend them for your Balenciaga bag repairs! I can't stop staring at my bag now. The corners were in seriously bad shape (you can't tell too well from the pictures - but trust me)! I have attached some pictures for you all to see. Sorry that the before photos aren't better quality. I wasn't really thinking about posting them when I took them. I originally took them to send to Barbara for an estimate. I hope that this info helps someone out because I was EXTREMELY apprehensive about sending my bag off, and now couldn't be happier! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. Wow, you would've never thought it had repairs done on it! It looks great!
  3. WOW and Yay. I'm sending my Caramel city into them tomorrow. Your post really makes me feel confident about my bag. Thanks and enjoy your beauty
  4. this is awesome....
    can they also clean bags...? like for slightly dirty bags?
  5. Wow! Amazing job!
  6. Wow, that looks amazing! Just like new! If you don't mind sharing, how much did it cost for the whole thing? I'm thinking of sending my bag there; some of the corners are worn down.
  7. OMG, that's the most amazing restoration ever, i'm so happy for you!!! :tender:
  8. woah! it looks AWESOME! this changes some things for me! wowzas!
  9. wow, what a change! it really looks amazing. thanks for sharing these pictures!!
  10. My total was $69.98 ($55 for the repairs plus shipping). The shipping cost included insurance for the bag. They do also do cleaning, but I did not use those services. Their minimum repair cost is $55.00. I decided to give them a try after seeing the pink city that was sent to them by a member of this board. If anyone else uses them, I would love to see more pictures of their work!
  11. Wow!!
  12. Price isn't bad either...I've heard of a lot of places charging over a hundred bucks. They did such an amazing job!
  13. i wish there was somewhere like this in the uk, anyone know of anywhere?
  14. That's a great job and decently priced. Thanks for sharing!
  15. Wow That Is Amazing!!