LMB cleaner kit for LV bags


Jul 18, 2012
I know there are lots of posts on this, but I guess I just need some confirmation that I should treat the handle of my new LV Delightful pm with the "leather kit designed for LV bags" from Lovin My Bags before I use it to prevent water marks and stains. I haven't used my bag yet and I'm still waiting for the kit to arrive. I have a totally MM bag and never did anything to the leather but I'm also not loving that bag due to the leather tabs curling up. I just love this new bag and want it to last. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!


Mar 13, 2012
Michelle97 said:
Thanks- Did it darken the leather or anything? Like I said, I have heard good things about it- just want to make sure I am doing the right thing!!

I've also just treated my Galliera with LMB. It will not darken the bag. The first application will appear to discolor the bag (like its wet) but it will dry back to the original color. When you apply the second coat, that's when you can tell the bag is protected because you won't get that same discoloration. I got caught in my first shower the other day and not a drop left on my bag. Love it, so worth the money and time it took to apply it!!!