Lmaooo...i Can't Believe This !!!

  1. so i was looking for "not socks" by the gap thats what their called on eBay because the gap doesn't sell them anymore and i love them and look what i came across...look at the pictures...it's GROSS and yet funny:yucky: :roflmfao: . I can't believe he would post a picture. Just in case ...please make sure no children are around. It's not a nude picture but i don't want to offend anyone.
    eBay: IZOD dress socks......worn but not worn out (item 110104300641 end time Mar-21-07 18:05:09 PDT)
  2. Wow ... I'm stunned.

    I'm thinking that this auction is almost like soliciting! Take a look at his other auctions!

    We should report these auctions to eBay for being inappropriate ...
  3. oh yes i am reporting that acution i just haven't yet because i want other tpfers to have a good laugh.
  4. :wtf: :yucky:

    OH MY GOD!!!!!

    my eyes....my eyes....my eyes....

    LMAO!! I had to show my DH!:roflmfao:
  5. Help! My eyes are bleeding! blah... those socks are just NaStY!!
  6. All of his auction are just nasty. He must cater to Gay men with a fettish for used underwear. Gross. :throwup:
  7. I would be embarrassed for posting those packages if I were them.
  8. Thanks for posting! The pictures are hilarious and someone is even bidding on the underpants!
    Yes it is totally gross, but so funny.
    I'm sure the guy is just getting off on how many people check him out in his underpants. Actually he'd probably be thrilled if he knew he was a topic of conversation on this forum. I wonder what the 'grab bag' surprise is?? Yuk!

    However, no more disgusting than Britney Spear's hair or gum!
  9. :yes: agree with you and for men who have a thing for used socks
  10. gross picture, the sad part is some fool will come along and buy the socks because they are too cheap!