1. I can't belive someone is trying to pass this off as a 'Coach'

  2. Thats really sad!
  3. Ah good old Goach, never fails !
  4. Oh my goodness [shakes head] They have those G's printed all over these Goach hats in a stand in the middle of my mall. Just makes me sad.
  5. LOL, you know someone will buy it!

    My mom bought me a bookbag with that print when I was 14.. lol, I love my mom she's great!
  6. Lordy lord, it's a Goach bag. Those used to offend me but now they just make me laugh. And point. And holler "hey, it's a GOACH bag!" LOL
  7. Yesterday I was in a fairly expensive neighborhood here in Chicago (Lincoln Park) and I saw a young, well-dressed woman carrying a precious little Goach bag on her arm. I did a double take. I'm used to seeing them up in my neighborhood where the poor folks live, but not down there. I just couldn't believe she'd go out in public. It's one thing when I see fakes on public transportation, they're usually oversized and clearly work or school bags for whomever is carrying them (so function over fashion), but she was out shopping with her boyfriend in a semi-ritzy neighborhood, hardly the time to tote around a crappy fake.
  8. I saw a bad Chanel shirt yesterday at Red Lobster...It said in big rhinestones Ghanel..LOL I was laughing while eating.