LMAO OK be honest...

  1. If Mercedes/Lexus/BMW came out with a limited edition "Louis Vuitton" model, would you buy it?!?!

    What could they put on it to make it signature LV???:roflmfao: :p :nuts:

    I'm thinking of having metal "LV" decals on the brake/gas pedals, and a personal plate that says "FAKEH8R"!!

    Maybe Epi leather seats?!:yahoo:
  2. eh idk a lil pimpish no?
  3. As long as there was NO monogram canvas then maybe! LOL
  4. Make it Vienna leather seats and I'll lease one in a second!:nuts: J/K

    Actually, Lexus did come with a COACH limited edition RX300 - this special edition RX 300 features Coach Edition perforated leather-trimmed seats with Coach-embossed headrests. The Coach name also is carried on front door badging and floor mats. I am NOT making this up! There was one at a dealer next to my house! I think my friend wanted to lease one because it also came with a free COACH tote (if I am not mistaken!:nuts:).
  5. Well Lexus did have a Coach model!!!
  6. hmm no!
  7. suhali seats? this reminds me of the mel brooks' movie "high anxiety" where victoria drives up in a LV cadillac to match her outfit. hahaha. or am i dating myself here? :p
  8. I would if it had nomade leather seats.
  9. LMAO at the Coach Lexus!

    I think that a LV Beemer or something like that would be so cute! It could be like a 330LV or a 740LV!!!

    I totally agree with the no-monogram seats, though...waaaaaay too much!

    In each trunk, there could be a monogram Keepall, though! :smile:
  10. uhh.........not my taste
  11. It depends how obviously LV it is, maybe if it was understated? Plain epi line, but mono def not!
  12. I think it would be so tacky that it would be funny - so yes I would love it!
  13. If it was simply Suhali leather on the seats then yes. Anything else with screaming logos then no.
  14. The Coach Lexus did come with a free Coach!! Haha I remember that. Maybe if the inside trim was something subtle like Epi leather and the seats were lined with sueade in the Damier colers.
  15. ooo..Suhali seats?? That sounds TDF though