LMAO @ myself

  1. well, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it.
    ah, i'm a pitiful soul. i typed an email to one of my pf pals, my own hand-holder (you know who you are;)) about my conviction to wait, my more pressing financial priorities right now, my consolation that i'm still young, will spend the $ i have now on clothes and enjoy what i have instead of obsessing and saving, will get a kelly when i'm 38/39/40 (it's good to have a goal, you know:upsidedown:), blah blah blah. then i read the various posts here, see the mention of the scratched to hell kelly on ebay for $1,3something and start to plot, start to justify. then i regain control but i'm on ebay and look around and find one in excellent condition for $2,9something and i'm back to plotting and scheming and then i take my case to my dh who patiently shakes his head, handling my fragile sanity delicately, he still strongly feels that ebay is too great a risk. i counter that tpf ladies know, and if they say it's real, blah blah and he offers, but you might not get what you see in the picture. he's got me there. not worth the risk and worry is his final vote, and honestly, the thought of a brand new one fresh from the store (even if it's not for nearly a decade) lures me away from my get-kelly-quick schemes. so i will wait, but i've revealed myself to me - no matter the explanation, no matter the prioritization, no matter what, i will lust for that bag.
    here's to waiting the long, practical, responsible, inevitable wait.

    ps i want to thank everyone on tpf for sharing pics and knowledge with me and i'm going to continue to enjoy all of it for a long long ... long long :wtf: long long :lol: :lol: time.
    but seriously, since i only contribute enthusiasm, thank you all for letting me be a member of the fan club. :flowers:
  2. First, congratulations on 1000 posts!!!!

    And let me say, that you are a very loved and respected Member! Not all of us (including myself) own our H bags yet. And I promise you, I will be right here waiting, pining, scheming with you every step of the way!!!
  3. LMAO too! Didn't I tell you that you will have that bag?

    You will be LYAO one of these days...just not now!!!

    Have fun on here...that is what it is all about. Your time will come...it does for everyone. Look, even talking about it makes you happy

    Hey, give your hubby my contact info in case he wants to surprise you one day!!! LMAO!!! I will help him.
  4. HiHeels.....I hold you in the highest regard for your incredible ability to stick to your plan and not be swayed....I for one know how many times I've tried to tempt you with lovely bags I've spotted on line - You are AMAZING!

    Jag could not have said it better! :heart: :heart: :flowers:
  5. aww - HH, I can't wait until you get your bag; you have the patience of a saint!!

    Love ya!!
  6. indeed. I especially respect the wise words heels shares with us on this board. :flowers:
    we share the long dreadful pain of waiting (and the hardest of self controlling:hysteric:) for our dreambag(s)? but the reward will be SWEET.

    now saying that..let me go back to lurk on the ebay listing..:rolleyes:(pathetic! LOL)

    cheers and congrats to the 1,000 post!!!:drinkup::drinks:
  7. omgd, i'm not laughing now...
    :sad::Push::crybaby:(but with warm feelings)
    i'm, um... :blush: didn't expect that.
    thanks you guys. :love:
    forget the bags for a sec (half sec) - you're all the freakin' best!!!

    ps completely did not realize i was anywhere near 1,000, holy heck
  8. HiHeels, having known you since TFS days, I totally second Kristie that you have the patience of a saint! You've asked tons of questions & done lots of research on leathers, size, colors, etc. etc. Trust me, you will be ALL READY (more than ready, in fact) when the time comes!

    When you get yours, you will be on top of the world!!! :yes: :flowers:

  9. HiHeels, I agree with what all the ladies have said here so far. I wish I'm as patient as you are and I'm sure that when the time is right, the perfect bag will be right there for your taking:yes:

    Now ... if you can please give me some good tips on how to be patient so I don't drive myself nuts everyday:P
  10. Well done Hiheels! I wish I could be as sensible as you....Good things come to those who wait.....!:yes:

    PS: excuse my ignorance, but what does LMAO mean ? I'm a bit slow, especially at this time of day having just woken up....
  11. LMAO is Laugh My A$$ Off:flowers:

    Hermes Hermes Hermes!!!
  12. Right...! Thanks a lot Kou! :yes:
  13. As they say, "Good things come to those who wait"! Your patience will definitely pay off :yes:
  14. I admire your patience and priorities HH!!! Champagne toast to you!
  15. HH, I have an immense amount of respect and admiration for you. For someone like me who has absolutely no self-control, you are truly my hero!!! :flowers:

    I guarantee you your dream bag will arrive verryyy soon!! ;)