1. a little baby one...got her today ...she is much smaller than i use for everyday,but I wanted her for casual dinners out!SHE IS PERFECT!
    Went to my fave restaurant in Philly tonight and broke her in....isnt she a cutie?I have to post my new entire SHARPEY family pic tomorrow when its light out!LOL!....i now have quite the collection of these bags...loves!
  2. Jill - your new bag (as usual):tup::tup: looks HOT on you!

    Love it!!!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I love that bag! Wear it well.
  5. Thanks guys~!I really love it!
    u know u love a bag when u take it out of box,snip the tag off and wear it right away!!LOL!
  6. Ahhh....Jill, I love the way you model your bag - it shows how happy you are! The bag looks really cool on you! Great purchase!
  7. Wow, you have had quite a week! First drunk fondue and now this. LOL
  8. Love the Sharpei!!! You got the most awesome Sharpei collection!!
  9. LMAO Irishgal!.....drunk fondue and DDR truly rocked......heehee
  10. cute bag!
  11. oh Jill! I LOVE this one. The size doesn't look small to me at all. . . is it flat?

    NEED better pics!
  12. I agree with SMoT. I need more photos of this bag but from what I can tell it looks gorgeous. Perfect size for dinner parties/night out on the town. Can't wait for the family photo. :tup:
  13. ^Thanks Swanky!Its not flat,it actually holds a ton too so I COULD use this everyday(If I didnt carry around soooo much crap!LMAO!)
    I had TAY take IPHONE pics late at night..Ill post better pics in daylight tomorrow.I gotta do a GROUP SHARPIE SHOT!HEHE!

    its just SMALLER than i normally carry.....i feel as if Im starting to downsize my bags a tad...anyone else tired of carrying big bags lately?LOL?
  14. Congrats Jill! Cant wait to see the family portrait!
  15. That is absolutely ADORABLE!!! I love it! I know what you mean about carrying such big bags. They take a toll on your back and shoulders too and if you really evaluate it, you probably dont use half the stuff you carry around. I stopped lugging around my makeup case a year ago and just bring my lip gloss. That's all I ever retouch anyway! I try to keep it basic but its nice to have a bag that you can throw things in on your way out the door too!