LMAO...bought the Prada tote Jill returned!

  1. I just bought this from Prada in Soho! OMG love that store, haven't been before. Also got my sister a Prada wallet - the SA liked the Prada purse she was wearing and said that there will be lots of new charms/tricks out for fall - can't wait to see those! Prada has the best customer service, they'll be sending me pics.

    I'm so cracking up b/c this is the bag Jill returned, but I love it. I already wore it out tonight. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I'll post pics of me wearing it once I'm back in DC.

  2. OMG! TPF connections rule!!!! Great bag!!!
  3. congrats! how do you know it's the same bag jill returned though?
  4. HA!HA!HA! LOL..too freakin funny! Did you use Sada the SA?at the Broadway store?
  5. This is a chic bag! I was at the store today, and they had a male mannequin in a suit holding this bag lol.
  6. I didn't buy the exact bag Jill returned, LOL, I just bought the same style. My SA was Zulay - I couldn't remember the name of your SA Jill or I would have used her. I love the Broadway store, too fun to shop in you feel like you're shopping in a gallery. They said that they were almost sold out of that style already.
  7. How funny! But Congrats to you
  8. congrats! very nice and stylish tote!
  9. LOL...Cute bag. Glad you like it!
  10. Love it - v sweet :smile:
  11. Nice tote!
  12. Ooooh! I love it!
  13. cute bag congrats!
  14. My SA just sent me a pic of this tote in the ANTIC brown leather..OMG..its soooo HOT too..LOL:graucho:
  15. Wait - the tote? Are you going to post the photo! OMG! Does it come in black leather?