LMAO "Balenciaga!" American Horror Story

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  1. Hi guys!

    Not sure if any of you watch American Horror Story Coven. I looove this series! Anyway...on the finale tonight...I thought I was hearing things when Myrtle was asked if she had any last words before dying and she yelled! "BALENCIAGA!" So great :smile:
  2. I heard it as well! I wasn't sure at first either. Guess that cements that her character's fashion is based off of Grace Coddington.
  3. I just saw it last night, and thought I was hearing things when she screamed it! Was it really in relation to the brand? I haven't been keeping up with the show so I thought it might have had a different meaning :shame:
  4. That's hilarious!
  5. That's tooo awesome! I was kinda paying attention...... I too thought I was hearing things 😋 She was kinda the best character what with her fashion remarks a subtle designer name drops! This one takes the cake! Amazing! That would be my last word too!
  6. I'm so happy y'all love this show also! Myrtle became the MVP for me when she started making fashion observations, namely DVF and Halston. Flawless. I didn't even realized her last word was balenciaga until I read some recaps. AMAZING. Also, I loved Fiona's comment, "I ruined a perfectly good pair of Jimmy Choos."

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  7. Just watched it. How unexpected, lol! Go Miss Myrtle Snow!