LM in Navy Glossy/Sheen?

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  1. Who's interested in a LM/LM Midi/LM Mini in the navy glossy/sheen??

    I'm interested in a LM Midi Navy Glossy/Sheen with Silver HW and light blue lining .....

    As in previous bespokes, the size, lining, and hardware are up to you!!

    Current linings: BE Fuchsia, light blue, light gray, and red.

    Who else is interested?
  2. I'm tapped, but navy sounds gorgeous. Does she have navy left?
  3. Navy sheen is on the SS09 new spring color chart..so I assumed so.. I sure hope it is!! :smile:
  4. ^^ yes, it was only that navy pebbled that she only had a tiny bit of.
  5. So don't everyone speak out at once? Who would be interested in a dark blue glossy gorgeous LM bag???
  6. I think everyone is in a daze with the sale and all of the current pebbled bespokes!!

    I might be persuaded as the LM (midi) is becoming one of my favorite designs - I have 2 on order now (plum crash and pewter) and have commandered my girlfriend's choco crash! I love this bag!! I had to trade one of my best bags to be able to keep this for a few weeks! We usually swap for a week max.

    I am wanting a non-crash LM midi. I had been thinking of the tan, cobalt or matte purple, but navy sounds lovely too!